The Spintiller - The Tool, The Myth, The Legend

The Legend of the Spintiller goes all the way back to the dark ages...the 1970's.

Paisley. Oranges. Browns. Shag carpet. Flare jeans. Gas lines. Disco.

But something good did come from that era - the Spintiller.

The original Spintiller was manufactured over 45 years ago. Everyone agreed it was one of the best garden tools ever made. But then... disappeared.

No one could find them. Search around the internet and the Spintiller has a cult-like following. Like Saturn dealerships.

The picture shows our Original Spintiller purchased in the late 1970's. We have used it consistently over the years in home gardening, commercial landscaping, and golf course construction and it still is in great working order .

The Original Spintiller

We are landscape professionals who have used The Spintiller for residential and commercial landscaping, raised bed vegetable gardening, and golf course construction. It is the most versatile, durable, and effective tool we've ever used.

When we discovered that the Spintiller had gone out of production, we decided to bring it back!

Not only have we brought back the Original Spintiller, but we've expanded on this unique and effective design to bring you an array of products to fit any application.

Whether you're a casual gardener or a landscape professional, you will find the Spintiller to be a vital part of your landscape arsenal.

We guarantee it.