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6 reviews
The Spintiller Dibber
Lisa B.S.H. (Beach Haven, US)
Love my dibber!

Brought it back to the farm from the PHS flower show and the very next day used it to plant dozens of Black Eyed Susans. It made so much faster work of the job than a traditional garden trowel. Also great for vegetable plants & seeds. A very worthwhile investment. Bought one for a friend in DC (city gardening plots) and she also loves it.

Hi Lisa!
So glad you are loving your Dibber! Thanks for the feedback!

The Original Spintiller
Adrian J. (Cherry Hill, US)
I LOVE this thing

I bought the Spintiller on impulse at the Flower show this year. When I got it I wondered if I’d made a mistake. Turns out NO I DIDN’T this worked very very well. I did have a small problem when one of the lock nuts came loose but I found it and re-assembled so I didn’t have to take advantage of the lifetime warranty. Then there was no stopping me. I cleared a flowerbed and planted my tomatoes and peppers to great fanfare (mostly from me).

Hi Adrian,

Thank you so much for the review and we're glad you're loving your Spintiller! Please let us know if you ever have any problems or questions. Thanks again!

One of the best tools I have had in the last fourty odd years and to find it is being remanufactured is the best news ever. I have had one for that time and have used it every spring and summer without a hitch except for one slightly broken tine and that didn't effect it from operating. This is a brilliant invention!

The Original Spintiller
Katie S. (Springfield, US)
Delicate and effective!

SUCH an excellent tool for turning over our summer/spring raised beds for some of our fall greens. It turned the soil over perfectly without disturbing the other plants. We had pulled up the last of our carrots and were planting seeds for our arugula and this tool was perfect for that. Rather than pushing the soil around with a rake (which I find tends to disturb the other plants and usually doesn't get in precise areas as well such as alongside the bed) this tool helped turn over and refresh the area perfectly. I lightly watered the soil first and it combed through it like butter. Highly recommend this tool especially for someone who might have a few beds that they're using for succession planting throughout the season.

Hi Katie,
Thanks so much for the kind words! It's great to hear from someone using the Spintiller in their raised bed vegetable garden. We hope you'll let us know how the Spintiller works for you in other areas of the garden. Cheers!

The Original Spintiller
Eric S.A. (Hummelstown, US)
Good purchase

Used few times ,like the results

Thanks, Eric! We're glad you're getting good results from your Spintiller!